I’m not a “Blogger” (an intro to…me)

I kind of covered this is the end of my first post but seeing as page includes the world “rambles,” its okay that I plan on expanding on this description.

Okay so this is technically a “blog.” That doesn’t make me a “Blogger.” If anyone asked me, I would say I’m not. Nor am I a writer. This isn’t my source of income, and I’m not trying to make it my career. I’m just a regular person vocalizing printing my thoughts and ideas down on paper computer screen(?) as an output and also to hone my writing skills (again, not a writer. Just practicing an essential skill).

As a non-blogger, I’m not expecting site visitors. I’m writing this for me. If someone happens to stumble across this site then welcome! Sorry you have to suffer through my ramblings.  Welcome! Sorry again.

Things I will end up talking about:Television: I watch a lot of TV. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. It helps me pass the time and it’s pretty entertaining. I also love netflix and the seemingly endless hours of content available for my obsessive watching (Currently I’m switching back and forth between “The Killing” and “House of Cards.”). I also watch a lot of Hulu. You should check out “The Booth at the End” and also the British version of “Spy” before the American one premieres. I have a feeling that the US one is not going to be near as good.
Random ideas: I have a lot of thoughts that I should keep track of. No, I’m not writing a novel or a screenplay.
“Inspire me”: I really, really like that Word Press has that feature that gives me a writing prompt. It’s a good way to help get me started and the brain a-stormin’. I’m a fan. Great going, Word Press.
Warning: I don’t really have a life path right now, so sometimes things might get a little….down.  I have a bit of career direction as far as aspirations go, but that’s about it. So hopefully something will come my way soon!

Remember when everyone first started joining social media sites? Xanga was the first I joined, and it was more about creating a page that reflects you. Your page was entirely customizable, you could add areas like a chat box, an honesty box, a music player, etc; and it was based around the journal-style entries (early blogging!).  Then there was Myspace, which had the mostly the same customizable features (we all learned HTML!) only there was a separate section for your “blog” but mostly you created status updates, including emoticons and how you were feeling. Next came facebook, which is streamlined and your page isn’t customizable, no changing the formatting and now-a-days you can’t really change your page at all. You can only update the two pictures: profile and cover. Your status updates shouldn’t be too long (sidenote: guess who now asks about your feelings!! With emoticons! following in myspace’s footsteps). Then twitter, the shortest of the social media sites: 140 measly characters.

I can’t help but wonder if there was a split-off in the social media sites with the long-form version: blogs! Blogger, Word Press, Tumblr (possibly the most social? with all the re-blogs like re-tweets), etc etc.

Social media can be a great thing, but I encourage people to write looongeeer statements than just 140 characters.

Don’t stunt your expressive growth.

That’s a pretty cool saying, if I do say write so, myself.


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